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Vijaybhoomi Singapore
International School

A unique partnership for the 21st century

Chairman’s Message

Dear Parent,

I am pleased to introduce Vijaybhoomi Singapore International School (VSIS) to you. We are very excited about this partnership with the very reputable VijaybhoomiUniversity to establish a High School (Junior College). We will bring to VSIS all the experience and award-winning standards of the SIS and Inspirasi Group.

VSIS takes charge of educating learners to develop their potential to the fullest. They will interact with their peers within the network of our international schools from all over the world as well as learners from local communities. VSIS will hone life skills like collaboration and analytical thinking. These attributes will ensure they are ready for the unpredictable world that they will seek employment in one day. I am quite sure like in all SIS Group of Schools, you will find the learning journey of our students in VSIS a very enjoyable and satisfying one.

The curriculum at VSIS is focused on academic excellence as demonstrated by the progressive Singapore education system. The pedagogy is based on a very disciplined approach around the skills desired for the 21st century. Care is taken to ensure every student is progressing at his/her own pace ready for the rapidly changing and challenging world. Experiential learning will see our learners move actively in and out of their classrooms interacting with nature and developing self- awareness and resilience. VSIS learners and teachers will benefit immensely from the collaboration that will actively take place within The SIS Group of Schools  network of schools.

The school’s strength lies in the Singapore pedagogy and curriculum rated by OECD’s PISA as best in the world. Its focus is also on high quality pastoral care. The key areas that VSIS will look at is creating opportunities for collaboration and leadership, challenging minds, encouraging innovation and sustaining excitement in an environment abundant with natural elements, where each student is happy to go to School knowing that it’s going to be a good day. There is a place for each child in VSIS to develop his or her passion. This is primarily because VSIS takes the responsibility to seriously seek out what is exceptional in each of the students that come here. At VSIS we believe that life is a sum total of all experiences which will prepare the learners for a holistic education built on the foundation of all that they do at School, be it academic, sports, service, art or adventure.I have seen learners in The SIS Group of Schools in other parts of the world excel and move on to great universities and jobs. There is no doubt in my mind that in this perfect, safe and natural learning environment together with a very experienced academic faculty, we will repeat our success in India. My vision for VSIS is to be a high quality, affordable school like those in the network that I lead.

My fellow Board members and I wish you all the very best and we look forward to meeting with you at VSIS.

Jaspal Sidhu
Founder and Chairman