Vijaybhoomi Singapore International School


Philosophy of the Junior College


Vijaybhoomi Junior College is located within 2.5 hours of driving distance from Mumbai and Pune with extensive lodging and boarding on campus making it the ideal institution for week boarding. The student could be back home every weekend and also save travel time stuck in traffic. The saved time could be used for pursuing and learning new knowledge and developing more skills.

Enjoy the University ambience at the high school level get liberty from strict timetables, uniforms, assemblies, and school bells. The student will be able to participate in university events and activities such as fests, debating competitions, sporting competitions and more.

Be a part of a beautiful campus with extensive sporting facilities including a riding school and an elaborate infrastructure supporting music, design, engineering, law and business education.

The Junior college has a strong collaborator in Singapore International Schools with a deep experience in delivering the A level program of Cambridge, An international syllabus with wider choice of courses from the areas of Music, Business, Data Science, Science, Math.

Option to accelerate the University degree program by early opting of Level 1 courses and to learn new age courses such as Design Thinking, Sustainability, Data Science, Photography, Movie Making, Drone Piloting, Drone Technician and more.

We ensure guaranteed admission to one of Vijaybhoomi University’s programs and/or to programs offered by IFIM college and IFIM Law School in Bangalore. This is to ensure that there is no anxiety in the mind of the students and the parents.

Vijaybhoomi Singapore International School is an international boarding school established amidst the beauty of nature in Karjat, India to inspire young learners to learn, be responsible towards the environment and be ready for these challenges that will come their way.

How our students learn

SIS group of schools follow closely the Singapore approach to education. This will be mirrored in the Vijaybhoomi Singapore International School (VSIS).

Clean . Safe . Healthy Environment

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