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Why choose Vijaybhoomi Singapore International School?


The First International Junior College in Mumbai, Empowering Future Generations to Make a Better World. 

Vijaybhoomi Singapore International School has a strong collaboration with the Singapore International Group of Schools with deep experience in delivering Cambridge International AS & A levels. A unique international program offering a wider variety of study choices. Accelerate learning with new-age courses such as Music, Business, Artificial Intelligence, Law and Design  

Our Affiliations, Collaboration & Membership with Cambridge & SIS ensure the quality of education is one of the best that you can get.

Vijaybhoomi Singapore International School proudly stands as a Cambridge-affiliated institution offering Cambridge International AS & A Levels. Our commitment to academic excellence is reinforced by our affiliation with Cambridge, providing students with globally recognized qualifications and a pathway to a well-rounded education.

Affiliation No: IA248

SIS Group of Schools

Vijaybhoomi Singapore International School – Junior Collge has a strong collaboration with SIS Groups of Schools which  excellence of 25+ years  in delivering the esteemed Singapore curriculum, Cambridge, and IB programs. With a network spanning across 13 schools in Asia,SIS has been at the forefront of providing a top-tier education that transcends borders. The institution’s commitment to academic rigor, coupled with a focus on character development and global citizenship 

How our students learn

SIS group of schools follow closely the Singapore approach to education. This will be mirrored in the Vijaybhoomi Singapore International School (VSIS).

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Discover More About AS & A Levels

AS & A Levels are advanced qualifications offered by Cambridge Assessment International Education, typically taken in the last two years of high school. They allow students to specialize in specific subjects, providing in-depth study and preparation for university or employment. These qualifications are widely recognized and valued by universities worldwide. Find out more at: 

Specialization: A-levels allow students to specialize in a smaller number of subjects, promoting in-depth knowledge and focus. 

Flexibility: A-levels offer flexibility in subject choices and the ability to change subjects between AS and A2 levels. 

International Recognition: A-levels are recognized globally, making them suitable for students looking to study abroad. 

Learners use Cambridge International AS and A Levels to qualify for placements at leading universities worldwide including India, the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore. 

 Our students can choose to opt for Science / Commerce Stream. They can choose to study 4 or 5 subjects from the stream including English general paper in the AS level. 

Cambridge offers a choice of 55 subjects and one can choose them in almost any combination. This flexibility means schools can build an individualized curriculum

Cambridge International AS, and A Level qualification are recognized by many universities worldwide as proof of the ability required to enter a degree course – and in some universities, Cambridge qualifications can even earn advanced credit. The Association of Indian Universities states that five passes at IGCSE and at least two passes at A Level are equivalent to a +2-stage qualification of an Indian board, giving access to bachelor’s degree programmes at Indian universities. 

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