Vijaybhoomi Singapore International School


Real Global Education

with World's Best Education System

at Vijaybhoomi Singapore International School in India

Academic Ethos

The Learning philosophy of “Education Unbound ” is followed. At VSIS trans-disciplinary inquiry-based learning helps the children eliminate the division between disciplines by filling the in-between space with the possibility of new perspectives ‘beyond’ disciplines. Flexible learning, which essentially means flexible physical space, flexible learning times and flexible student grouping will integrate the best of India and Singapore yet allows flexibility to identify unique needs and nurture them.

VSIS will adopt the use of resources such as staff, space, and time to best support personalization. The research and innovation promoting atmosphere at VSIS equips its learners with the vast potential of futuristic life skills like perseverance, analytical, creative, critical and design thinking, collaboration and communication delivered in an experiential learning environment. This is done through workshops, project-based learning (PBL), Interdisciplinary projects, organic farming, water harvesting & creating electricity on campus, frugal innovation labs, learning journeys & student exchanges and collaboration with our SIS Group of Schools partner and by many other globally bench-marked methodologies suitable to different age groups.