Vijaybhoomi Singapore International School



A team of teachers live in the residences, ensuring that students always have access to someone responsible. A house parent round-the-clock, to look into the needs of every student. They are seasoned to handle the students with great care and kindness.

Security of the campus is maintained at the highest level with security guards and supervisors on duty “24/7”. They ensure that no student leaves the campus without authorized permission from the Head of Boarding.

Pastoral Care and Counselling

Boarding is at the very heart of what makes VSIS education unique. There are separate hostels for boys and girls, where they live, adjust and make friends.

Experiential learning opportunities are amply built in. Dance, Fine Arts, Western and Indian Music, Yoga, Speech and Drama promote well-rounded development. Students are encouraged to participate in inter-house cultural and sports events.

There are six blocks of hostel with a capacity of 40 students each. Good pastoral care at VSIS is central to every individual child’s intellectual, spiritual and emotional development.

Every hostel block is run by a Houseparent, an Assistant Houseparent, house supervisors and logistically supported by other personnels.

School Counselors provide one on one guidance.

AT VSIS discipline system is firm and rigorous and believes in natural justice. VS IJC will discipline each child without overreacting, over-correcting and being over- protective, the very uniquely Asian way. Trust is the biggest factor in working at School. VSIS trusts, and gives freedom, allows the learners not to think not just out of the box but to think beyond, as if there is no box at all.

VSIS works in partnership with parents, based upon agreed values which stretch the well-being and hone the prospects of the students. The working week at VSIS is full and weekends will offer a rich programme of structured activities, social occasions and other recreational opportunities to enhance the community feeling.

The academics in school is from Monday to Friday, however life at VSIS is functional all 7 day School.