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A unique partnership for the 21st century


Dear Parents,

Welcome to Vijaybhoomi Singapore International School – Junior College (VSIS), established in a partnership with a network of international schools, the SIS Group of Schools, a partnership that brings a unique and inspiring residential Junior College to India.

After a vast amount of experience in education, including 13 years working for the SIS Group of Schools, there is one proven fact. The SIS system of education works! I have witnessed student growth throughout early years, Secondary, Junior College, and superior outcomes for entry into the top national and international universities worldwide.

As the entire spectrum of academia has rapidly changed to becoming more digitally-focused, at VSIS, along with digital proficiency, we aim to keep our students mindful of the values of Fairness, Respect, Integrity, Compassion, and Courage. The holistic approach to education at VSIS supports a commitment, ensuring that students are in alignment and competitive in the use of the latest technologies while at the same time staying mindful of traditional values. We wish to produce young adults who will help make our world a better place. We look to bring about well-rounded learners who will remember where they came from and what is needed to get them where they want and need to be.

Our goal is principled but challenging. Students will be challenged and will need guidance; VSIS provides a foundation, a contributive and safe environment, enabling children to envision the talents and abilities they have and hone in on the skills they still need to develop.

We wholeheartedly believe in our vision of “Inspiring Learners Towards Greater Heights” and our Mission “To spark curiosity and inquiry while developing values and 21st-century skills. We prioritise learners and personalise learning to make a better world.” This philosophy is ingrained into everything we do.

We understand the approaches to multiple intelligences and believe that every child is unique and learns much differently from others. I am committed to ensuring that students excel academically and excel in all skills they will need in life.

At your convenience, please feel free to visit the School or reach out to us to learn more about the innovative and contemporary education VSIS has to offer.

I am looking forward to meeting you soon.

Sincerely, Lenard P Murray

Executive Head of SIS Group of Schools

Head of  Vijaybhoomi Singapore International School – Junior College (VSIS)

Education is not to teach children facts, theories of laws, nor to reform or amuse them, or make them expert technicians – It is to trigger their minds, widen their horizons, enflame their intellect so that they think creatively, laterally, innovatively and positively.

Transacting knowledge on a daily basis especially as an educator comes with huge responsibility. We believe that education is service, our mission is to educate for empowerment and enlightenment. At VSIS we believe in valuing diversity and motivating students with a unique learning opportunity which will not only educate them but also inspire and encourage them to discover their true calling in life. Each child is precious to us whether a slow learner or an intelligent one.

Vijaybhoomi Singapore International School – Junior College (VSIS)uses the Cambridge Curriculum, which is accepted across the world as one of the best. We use interactive and experiential-based learning. Teachers are selected on the basis of their expertise, experience, and ability to use the Interactive Whiteboard. Apart from this,regular training will be conducted by the VIJAYBHOOMI UNIVERSITY professors to ensure that the students get the best in the Junior college education. The Lesson Plans are designed to help the teachers understand and educate the students with the Results of the College Vision and Mission. Apart from regular learning outcomes and the differentiated teaching that goes on in the class.

I take this opportunity to welcome you and your child to VIJAYBHOOMI FAMILY and congratulate you on your decision to become a part of this budding legacy. We owe it to our society, our country and the world at large that we mold these young impressionable minds into responsible citizens of tomorrow.

Looking forward to your utmost cooperation in this joint Endeavor.

“Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not turn from it”,


Executive Head of Vijaybhoomi Singapore International School,

SIS Group of Schools