Vijaybhoomi Singapore International School
Junior College

VSIS-JC – The first residential school of
SIS group of School in India.

At VSIS the pedagogy is based on a very disciplined approach around the skills desired for the 21st century. VSIS-JC primarily takes the responsibility to seriously seek out what is expectational in each of the students that come here. In collaboration with SIS group of schools, it will help students to embrace, experience and understand the perspectives among the global peers as diversity brings positive strengths and insights to our human experiences.

An international syllabus (Cambridge -A levels) with a wider choice of courses from the areas of Music, Business, Data Science, Science, Math.

An accelerated option to the University degree program by early opting of Level 1 courses and to learn new age courses such as Design Thinking, Sustainability, Data Science, Photography, Movie Making, Drone Piloting, Drone Technician and more

We ensure guaranteed admission to one of Vijaybhoomi University’s programs. This is to ensure that there is no anxiety in the mind of the students and the parents.

The student will not only learn from experienced high school teachers but also from Professors of the University which will be an added advantage to the Vijaybhoomi Singapore International School.