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Vijaybhoomi Singapore
International School

A unique partnership for the 21st century

About Vijaybhoomi Singapore International School

Vijaybhoomi, is 50-acres of scenic landscape in Jamrung, Karjat that was never conquered by any invading empires. Located on this victorious land, Vijaybhoomi Singapore International School – Junior College (VSIS) is truly blessed with serene bounties of nature. With hills surrounding three sides of the school and a sublime valley in the west, VSIS inspires the connection with nature. Designed with earthy inspiration, VSIS blends with the surrounding natural beauty and encourages learners to be inquisitive, open and learn from nature. The endless vistas, open classrooms, scenic assembly spaces, natural waterbody within campus and beautiful landscaping creates the perfect ambience for free and open minds to flourish.

VSIS, the first residential School in India of the SIS Group of Schools chain of Schools in Indonesia, Korea, Myanmar and India is set to subscribe to the Singapore education system because of its disciplined approach to educational pedagogy. Empowered with Asian values VSIS is responsive to changes in the world.

“SIS Group of Schools was established in 1996 with the support of respected individuals from the Singapore government and Raffles Institution. They are ranked number one in the world, based on the latest PISA rankings. The SIS Group of Schools is a network of schools that is celebrating 25 years of proven excellence in international education and is currently on a major expansion phase in Asia through acquisitions or establishing new Schools with visionary promoters.